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XYG-306 High-vacuum Silica Grease

XYG-306 High-vacuum Silica Grease
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Hangzhou Xinya Petrochemical Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China high-vacuum silica grease manufacturers and suppliers, as a professional company, our factory offers you cheap high-vacuum silica grease products with best quality. Welcome to buy or wholesale products from us.

XYG-306 High-vacuum Silica Grease
Thisproduct is a kind of special grease for a wide range of service temperature andlittle change of consistency affected by temperature, suitable for a wide rangeof materials. It features excellent resistance against oxidization, waterresisting stability, physiologically safe inertia.


Typical Values

Workedcone penetration, 0.1mm


Dropping Point,  ℃  ≥

No dropping point

Corrosion(T2sheet copper, 100℃,24h)


Oilseparation, %  ≤


Evaporation, (99℃, 22h)  %(m/m)≤


→Perfect lubricity, high & low temperature properties, and no dissolution at high temperature.
→Good resistance against water, corrosion and mildew;
→Physiologically inert, and non-toxic, in line with relevant requirement of the American FDA, American; regulations on toy safety ASTM963-96a and European regulations on toy safety EN71.
→Lubrication of bearings, gears and flat surface of food machinery and cosmetics machinery;
→Parts of watch, camera, telescope, toys, instrument, apparatus where lubrication is required;
→Good lubrication between metals, and between metal and plastics.
→Printer, fax machine, mouse and other computer peripheral equipment.

Temperature: -50℃~250℃.

mportant Notice:
→To be kept at a dry and cool indoor place protected from sunlight and exposure to the weather.
→Do not mix with other oil or grease product. No foreign matters allowed in this product.

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