XYG-209 Super High Temp PFPE Grease

XYG-209 Super High Temp PFPE Grease
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Hangzhou Xinya Petrochemical Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China PFPE grease, super high temp grease manufacturers and suppliers, as a professional company, our factory offers you cheap xyg-209 super high temp pfpe grease products with best quality. Welcome to buy or wholesale products from us.

XYG-209  Super High Temp PFPE Grease

Basic Information:

Base Oil

PFPE oil


PTFE (Polyfluortetraethylene)

Typical Values:


Typical Values

Worked cone penetration, 0.1mm


NLGI Grade


Evaporation (99℃, 24h) % ≤


4-ball Cantabro test(mm), 75℃, 1200 rpm, 1 hour


Corrosion(T2 sheet copper,100℃,24h)

No green or black change


1) Chemical stability. Resistant to influence and erosion of    chemicals like sulphuric acid, nitrosonitric acid / hydrochloric acid, strong oxidizers, water / water vapour etc.

2) No burning. No flash point, no self-ignition point, no reaction with oxygen.

3) Solubility. No dissolving in materials like hydrocarbon, water, vapour, chemical solvent, acid, or alkali.

4) Thermal stability. No chemical dissolving, breakage, being volatile,  no depositions of carbon or other materials.

5) Good compatibility with metal, plastics, rubber, and nylon    etc.

6) Good temperature dependency, viscosity index over 200.

7) Excellent corrosion resistance, anti-corrosion additive of fluorocarbon    oil.

8) Great corrosion resistance under vibration.

9) Excellent resistance against low temperature, extremely low    torque starting characteristics.

10) Suitable for middle and high rotation rate, highest rotation    speed DN number may be 8×105.

11) Extremely low surface tension, great penetrability, fine    compatibility with metal surface.

12) Extreme stability of chemical constitution, maintaining ever-lasting lubricating effect.


For lubrication of rolling bearings for conveyors in textile industry and tide up machine; for instance, MONFORTS, BRUCKNER, and open-width scouring-bleaching machine, rapid steamer, baking machine, drying room, Ohira Machine etc.


1) Excellent stable facility service behaviour, no burning, no carton deposition, no corrosion, with great abrasion performance.

2) Suitable for facility running, reducing maintenance, no environmental pollution.

3) Outstanding price advantage, saving much more cost comparing the like products.


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